You will need a VR headset to have a full immersive experience. If you're trying to see it in a 2D (regular) browser, you may as well do it on the main website.

Tested with Oculus Quest 2. It should work with Oculus Quest (1), Oculus Rift and Oculus Rift S, although not tested. An attempt has been made to support Vive headsets (based on coding documentation), but again not tested. If you have any of those headsets or any headsets at all please consider letting me know how it works for you. I'll appreciate a feedback, and that will help us improve things.

How to open it in VR

  1. Put on your VR headset.
  2. Open the above url in your headset's browser.
  3. Open a tab of your choice (Sri Vrindavan, Sri Govardhan, etc.).
  4. Click on a place of your choice in there.
  5. Click on "VR" button on the bottom-right.

Navigating inside the VR

Hand Oculus Vive Function Note
Right or Left Trigger button Trigger button Move to the next viewing position, if there is one. Some virtual tours have a single viewing position
Right or Left B-button or Y-button Trackpad button Score up your Japa (1 chant). Yes, you can chant in there and the VR will even count rounds for you :)
Right or Left A-button or X-button Menu-button Go back to this page, where you will be able to go to a new place. Some current web VR restrictions disallow in-VR between-pages navigation. So, at least for now, we get to go back here to select a new VR darshan.
Right or Left Grip button Grip button same as above